Room Additions

It is not uncommon to be in a home or office for some time and realize that you need to use the space differently. In some cases, you may even find that you need more space than your home or office will allow. Instead of selling the property or simply contending with the lack of space, you can consider a room addition. Many people are intimidated by this idea because they don’t know where to start. Yet, when you work with Fuller Services we have the knowledge and experience to make the process as straight forward and painless as possible.

Making a Plan

We know that every home and office and every client are different, so we would want to meet with you and get an idea of what it is that you are looking to add to the current structure. From there, we will look at the dwelling and determine what would be the most structurally sound and best option to allow proper flow through the space. Of course, we will be working closely with you to ensure that we are creating a plan that works for you and your specific needs while also considering what is best structurally.

Worried about permits, building code and zoning and the like? We will discuss all of this with you and streamline the process. Because we have been doing this for years, we are familiar with all of the details so you needn’t worry about how to go about doing these things. That’s why you call in the professionals; we can get the job done professionally!

Executing a Layout Plan

After you are fully satisfied with the building plans, we will get started. We ensure that we use high quality materials that are durable and reliable. We complete projects as efficiently as possible, creating as little inconvenience for you as we can, while also maintaining building code and quality work. When we are done you will have a 100% useable space and it will be just what you wanted and needed that allowed us to create your very customized plan.

No space is too big or too small. Whatever your needs are for a room addition, we can make it happen. A new bedroom, a new living space, a new office space or even a new kitchen or bathroom space is all well within our expertise. Being able to customize the space that you need really is a better option than moving, for a lot of people. When you have a space that can be added to, it’s a great way to stay where you are, and our plan is to help you make that happen.

If you are ready to make the move and add to your home or office, we would be honored to make it happen for you. Give us a call so that we can get the process started for you, so you can finally have the extra space that you have been looking forward to having!