Custom Closets

In the home, we depend on closets to store clothing, linens and other items. Many of us buy homes and love the large closets and think that space with suffice for our needs. Yet, it’s not just the amount of space that matters that will dictate how useful a closet is, rather it will depend on how well the space is used.

A majority of homes have a large closet with rods for hanging clothes, but little else. This seems like a good idea in theory, but over time items will end up on the floor and strewn about, and one won’t be able to find things after while. It can be a daily fight to get into your closet and find clothing and shoes and accessories even though you have a huge space. But, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Here at Fuller Services, we have been customizing closets for years and have found that great space does not always mean great things for organization. This is where we can come in and help. No closet space is too big or too small that we can configure to make more organized and efficient.

Creating Your Custom Closet

Having been doing this for some time, we have found that it is best to meet with you and look at your closet space. We will then talk about how you would like to use the space, what you need access to daily, and create a plan that will work for your specific needs. We know that no two closets or clients are the same, so what we create for you will be 100% unique to what you need. Some custom options may be:

  • Hanging Rods: These are an excellent place to start. We will provide plenty of space for you to have room for those items that need to be hung. We will discuss how much room you think you need and plan accordingly. Although these don’t work on their own, the rods are an important part of any closet design.
  • Shelving: Shelves can be useful for a wide variety of items including shoes, hats, and other miscellaneous items.
  • Drawers: Incorporating drawers can really help to keep things organized. All of the smaller clothing items that need to be folded or are best suited for drawers can be stored here, without becoming intermingled with other items.
  • Accessory racks: Tie racks, jewelry storage and the like are all great additions to a closet space. Giving all of these smaller accessories their own storage space can really cut down on clutter and make individual items a breeze to find.

These are just a few of the elements that we can incorporate into your closet. We would love to meet with you and create a custom closet plan that will really appeal to your needs and your specific closet space. Call us today to get started!